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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Handcrafted by hand Professional Fountain pens

Uncover the largest selection of high quality professionally made by hand pens in the world.
Below is a sample of the index. You can see they have many types, styles, and materials of all high quality writing instruments.

Trobee Pens is a world leader in the making of handcrafted high end pens. Each pen is a one of a kind pen and are all made by hand. 100's of pens are for sale. See here

Looking For Paua Abalone Pens? Handmade with high quality.

Not all Paua Abalone shell shell pens are made the same! Here is a huge selection of top of the line high quality professionally made Paua Abalone Pens. The are many fountain pens and rollerball pens....all made by had out of high greade abalone shell.
Paua Pen high grade profesionally handcrafted
Paua Shell handcrafted abalone rollerball handcrafted professionally

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Huge Inventory of Handmade Quality Feather Pens


I started a new pen site called addictedtopens.com. My main focus of this site is to feature different niches of handmade pens. I am building an inventory of feather pens. These are all made by hand custom pens. Each one has a high amount of precision and quality. I want to make this new made by hand pen site one that only offers extreme quality in craftmanship.

Currently the site has pens made of:

Feather Pens
Pheasant Feather Handmade Fountain Pen

Pheasant Feathers, Grouse Feathers, and many other types of bird feathers.

Feather Pens handmade

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wood Pens - Quality Wooden Pens

Wood pens can make wonderful gifts. While many are caught up in using their laptops, and phones as a writing pad the idea of using a handmade pen appeals to many people. Owning a lasting treasure of a custom wood fountain pen has a traditional appeal and is something that will be pasted down to the next generation. When was the last time you sat down and wrote with an ink pen? There is a personal sense of personalization when writing with a wood pen for many reasons.

There is a sense of style associated with quality wood pens. Giving a wooden fountain pen as a present shows you went the extra mile to get a gift that is unique. Now the receiver of the wood pen has a forever-lasting item. Often the gift of high quality wood pens is something you can do for someone special that they wouldn't do themselves.

Wood fountain pens are pieces of history. A high end wood fountain pen will be a conversation item every time. The earliest historical record of a reservoir pen dates to the 10th century in 953 AD. In the 1850's fountain pens had the common elements of the fountain pen that most are familiar with...iridium-tipped gold nibs, hard rubber, and free-flowing ink. Wood pens offer a sense of history like no modern gift can.

Well crafted handmade wood pens are wood products that are artistic. The wood burls are full of style in ink pens. The coats of finish on good wood pens is amazing having a gleam that that shows quality craftsmanship. Also high quality wood pens capture the attention of others. Every time a high end wooden pen is given as a gift the receiver of the pen will remember where it came from and the moment it happened.

Wood pens come in many different shapes, styles, and quality levels. The pens made with wood can vary in quality. Many of the best wood fountain pens make great presents and will actually appreciate in value over time!

Hand made wood pens show craftsmanship at its best. High quality wood pens are an incredible work of handmade art. It is an expression of an artesian. Not many gifts you'll buy will pass the artistry you will find in a quality wood writing instrument. Often great wood pens for sale will take days or weeks to complete. When done, the custom pen is a one of a kind wood pen. No other pen on earth will be exactly like it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wood Fountain Pen

This Box Elder Wood handcrafted fountain pen is the actual pen for sale. The components are Rhodium with 22kt gold accents. The gold is mixed with titanium to give a high wear rating, lower cost, and better durability than 24kt gold. 

Handmade Wood Fountain Pen

This wooden fountain pen was handcrafted on a lathe in the Trobee Pen Studio and features a highly polished wood burl body. Blue Wood Fountain Pen

Monday, July 11, 2011

New hand crafted mother of pearl fountain pen

Just made this new mother of pearl fountain pen. I hand cast the body of the pen as well as handmaking it Shaping) on the lathe. Hope you like!

Mother of pearl Hand Cast Pen Hand Crafted

New hand crafted mother of pearl fountain pen

Just made this new mother of pearl fountain pen. I hand cast the body of the pen as well as handmaking it Shaping) on the lathe. Hope you like!

Mother of pearl Hand Cast Pen Hand Crafted

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Few New Pen Blog Sites

Today I created a few new pen blog sites. Each will be a bit different and feature information about all kinds of pens. I welcome you to come and subscibe to them. At this point they are brand new and will take some time to get a good pen collector following.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New handcrafted pen website

Just got done with Pens by Trobee which is a website featuring my handcrafted pens. I really enjoy making the fountain pen, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens but what I like the most is getting a nice note from customers that say, "Wow!" ....I just love that. I like making "wows!" more than making pens. : )

I am really surprised how many people want fountain pens. I always liked a great fountain pen but with email, iphones, and the like it is nice to see a dedicated following of fountain pen users. Of all the writing instruments I create...a good handcrafted fountain pen is my favorite.

Making pens is my meditation. It is a chance to get lost in creating something of value from basically nothing. I hope you get a chance to visit my online store pensbytrobee.com or if you are in the Memphis area...you are always welcome to stop by the pen studio!